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2 thoughts on “v24 #2 Joining the Dark Side

  1. I enjoyed reading this piece, Laura. Early in my career, I had a similar experience: I had never considered working for a vendor but received an unexpected — and interesting — job offer from one. For 15 years, it was a largely wonderful experience. I also agree when you say, “I’d like to encourage people to reconsider this attitude {of shunning that career path}.” So, it perplexes me that the title of your column refers to “the Dark Side”. Why should anyone be attracted to a career in something you — and others — refer to as the Dark Side?

    Please, please think about removing this terminology from your lexicon. It only perpetuates the myth that vendors = evil capitalists. As you demonstrate so eloquently, many library vendors, in an effort to serve their customers more effectively, hire librarians for their skills, expertise and familiarity with the very problems they are trying to solve. That doesn’t make them dark at all in my book!

  2. Hi Katy,
    We’ve decided to use this comment as a “Letter to the Editor” in our next print issue and will include a response there. There was a mix-up between the author, Laura Harris, and the Guest Editor, Forrest Link, on the title of the piece. No offense was intended! In the meantime, we’d love to have you submit an Op Ed on the Ivory Tower vs. the Dark Side (tongue in cheek) if you’d be interested!