An ARL issue brief; a NISO draft practice open for comment; a new library dean for the Citadel; a partnership renewal for Sage and Highwire; and new statistics website for Britannica Online.

Challenges of 21st-Century Research Library Collections: ARL Releases Issue Brief

“The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) announces a new briefing paper for research library directors, “21st-Century Collections: Calibration of Investment and Collaborative Action.”

The paper is the work of the ARL 21st-Century Research Library Collections Task Force, co-chaired by Deborah Jakubs, Rita DiGiallonardo Holloway University Librarian and Vice Provost for Library Affairs at Duke University, and Thomas Leonard, Kenneth and Dorothy Hill University Librarian at the University of California Berkeley. ARL staff support to the task force included Visiting Program Officer Christine Avery, Head of the University College Libraries and Collection Development Coordinator for Commonwealth Campus Libraries at Penn State University…

Carton Rogers, Vice Provost and Director of Libraries at the University of Pennsylvania, chairs the ARL Transforming Research Libraries Steering Committee, which originally requested the issue brief. According to Rogers, this paper provides directors with an excellent overview of emerging and horizon issues and the challenges of building 21st-century collections. “The paper’s emphasis on networked resources, teamwork, and cross-institutional collaboration underscores the need for new roles and new competencies for our workforce, which is currently a key focus of the committee’s agenda. We encourage discussions of the shared future projected in the report, its implications for library staff, and for the ongoing support of research, teaching, and learning on our campuses.”

 Draft for Comment Available: NISO Recommended Practice PIE-J: Presentation & Identification of E-Journals

“NISO has released the draft Recommended Practice “PIE-J: Presentation & Identification of E-Journals” (NISO RP-16-201x) for public review and comment through July 5, 2012. This Recommended Practice was developed to provide guidance on the presentation of e-journals–particularly in the areas of title presentation, accurate use of ISSN, and citation practices–to publishers and platform providers, as well as to solve some long-standing concerns of serials librarians. In addition to the recommendations, the document includes extensive examples of good practices using screenshots from various publishers’ online journals platforms; a discussion of helpful resources for obtaining title history and ISSN information; an overview of the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and key points for using it correctly; an explanation of the Digital Object Identifier (DOIR), the registration agency CrossRef, and tips on using DOIs for journal title management; and a review of related standards and recommended practices…”

SC State Library director and SILS distinguished alumnus to lead the library at The Citadel

“South Carolina’s State Library director and a distinguished alumnus and member of the Board of Visitors of the School of Information and Library Science (SILS) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been appointed director of library Services at The Citadel. David S. Goble (MSLS ’94), a 1969 graduate of The Citadel, will direct library services at the Daniel Library beginning July 1…”

As the director of the South Carolina State Library for the past five years, Goble has guided the state agency through significant budget and staffing cuts while optimizing resources and investment along with library services. He managed a budget in excess of $14.1 million and implemented a statewide workforce development program, which enabled public libraries to help South Carolinians find employment.

 SAGE Publications Renews Partnership with HighWire

SAGE Publications… “announced the renewal of its strategic partnership with HighWire Press and their award-winning electronic publishing organization… Since partnering with HighWire in 2004, SAGE Journals has doubled the number of titles they publish online, currently more than 660 journals from 225 learned societies, including more than 170 Science, Technology and Medicine titles…


Britannica’s New Statistics Website

“Britannica is replacing its usage statistics system with a newly improved reporting system. This new statistics system uses newer technology and has a couple key advantages:

  • Capturing More Usage – As new features and content were added to Britannica programs, not all usage was being captured. This new system captures all Britannica features, including multimedia, learning activities, research tools, and all areas of special content. Most institutions should expect to see increased usage using the new reports.
  • Better Categorization of Usage – Previously, usage of Britannica’s multimedia features had been split between several categories, but the new reports group it under a new “Media” category. See the new glossary of definitions for more information…

You can access the new statistics site at, using your existing statistics passwords. The new statistics system has usage starting with January 2011; Britannica’s old statistics system will still be available for historical reports, for 2011 and earlier.”