Views from the Penthouse Suite: a New Series of ATG Video Interviews

At last year’s Charleston Conference, Katina and a few members of the ATG team taped a new series of video interviews that we are calling “Views from the Penthouse Suite.”  We invited a number of luminaries from the library and publishing world to the Penthouse Suite at the Francis Marion to talk about the “big” issues of the day.  Now we are excited to report that these videos are being loaded on the Charleston Conference website.

Kicking things off are a couple of segments from our interview with T. Scott Plutchak, Associate Professor and Director of the Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

In the first segment, Scott adds a personal touch to a recent ATG Hot Topic of the Week, which focused on his vision of the future of librarianship.  Scott talks about the potential of a coming Great Age of Librarianship as we move the focus from the library to the librarian And for your added viewing pleasure, we’ve included a second segment where Scott addresses the The Fracturing (and Blurring) Roles of Librarians and Publishers as we transition from past print traditions to the burgeoning demands of the digital age.  Both these segments offer fascinating, thoughtful commentaries and are well worth viewing.  Enjoy!


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