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Random House jacks ebook prices & ALA responds; Net Neutrality is back in the courts; Overview acquires; Booklist’s Women’s History Month resources; OCLC and reach and agreement; Baker & Taylor to offer Smashwords ebooks; and the NIH unveils a new Genetic Testing Registry.

Librarians Feel Sticker Shock as Price for Random House Ebooks Rises as Much as 300 Percent

According to this report on the Digital Shift website “new prices for Random House’s ebooks took effect on Thursday, and as the details emerged a number of librarians across the country expressed dismay at the doubling and tripling in prices they are seeing.”  Of course the good news is that Random House is continuing to sell ebooks to libraries.  However, the price can be steep.  For instance,  Eisenhower in War and Peace by Jean Edward Smith was available for $40 via OverDrive on Wednesday.   But when the new prices went into effect on Thursday, the price was $120. For Blessings by Anna Quindlen the ebook price went from $15 to $45.   In response to these and similar price increases, ALA is  calling on Random House to Reconsider

It’s Baaaack. Net Neutrality To Get Its Day In Court

“Verizon and Metro PCS … case against the FCC’s net neutrality rules will go forward.  The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the same court that had ruled against the FCC’s authority to impose rules that govern the services flowing over the Internet, will hear the case… If the FCC loses, the next stop is the Supreme Court. In the meantime, and if the nation’s top court decides to favor the telcos, the FCC could be stripped of its authority to regulate the nation’s cable, DSL and wireless Internet providers…”

OverDrive Acquires Australian eBook Company

OverDrive, Inc. …  announced today it has acquired Australian eBook company ( ). is the developer of a cloud-based platform for distributing, selling and reading popular eBooks from anywhere and on any device with a modern web browser…

Women’s History Month Resources

March is Women’s History Month. This year’s theme is “Women’s Education — Women’s Empowerment.”  This post lists a few useful websites from the “Points of Reference” Booklist Blog.

OCLC and to include complete collections of Dutch public libraries in shared cataloguing system

“OCLC and, the organisation of Dutch public libraries, have signed an agreement to include the complete collections of public libraries in the GGC, the Dutch shared cataloguing system. The agreement to include collections of Dutch public libraries, signed during the OCLC EMEA Regional Council Meeting in Birmingham, United Kingdom, will serve as a foundation for the new Dutch National Library Catalogue, and will make these collections visible through”

Baker & Taylor to Offer Smashwords ebooks in Blio eReading Application

“Baker & Taylor, Inc…. together with K-NFB Reading Technology, developer of the Blio eReading application, today announced a distribution agreement with Smashwords that will bring nearly 100,000 independently-published ebooks to the Blio store.”  For those who don’t know, Smashwords is a “distributor of indie (self-published) ebooks, offering a catalog of over 100,000 original titles representing 37,000 indie authors and small presses around the world.”

New NIH Database Brings Clarity to Genetic Test

The ScienceInsider website reports that “the National Institutes of Health (NIH) today unveiled a new database that lists thousands of tests voluntarily submitted by companies and non-profit labs. Genetic tests now exist for some 2500 diseases, from cystic fibrosis to APOE, which raises the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. NIH created the Genetic Testing Registry for physicians, patients, and researchers after experts suggested that such a database could improve transparency about genetic tests.”

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