News Flash: A link to the "Are Libraries Thriving" debate at the Charleston Conference (and talk-back sessions on the "E-Everything" pre-conference)

As part of their fall 2011 Online Seminar Series, Credo Reference has posted a seminar recording of Libraries Thriving and MultiGrain Sponsored Debate: Are Libraries Thriving?  “an Oxford-style live debate, including audience participation and voting,” from November’s Charleston Conference.  Participants wondered if, given the diverse complexity of today’s web enabled resources, libraries had a “tremendous opportunity” to prove their worth by showing that “they are well-equipped to help users navigate information resources and for users to benefit from this guidance.

Credo’s 2011 Online Seminar Series also includes talk-back sessions on the “E-Everything” pre-conference that Audrey Powers, a Research Librarian for the University of Florida, put together at the fall Charleston Conference.  These sessions focus on innovative approaches to e-resource delivery and access.  The first session featured Peter McCracken (ShipIndex), Cory Tucker (University of Nevada), Mark Johnson (HighWire Press) while the in second session , Stephen Rhind-Tutt (Alexander Street Press) joins Peter McCracken (ShipIndex) and Mark Johnson (HighWire Press).

(Please be patient, it takes a little time for these sessions to download.)

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