News and Announcements 11/09/11

Here are few news items that we picked up on this morning.

More Than a Passing Fancy: Ongoing BISG Study Reveals E-Book Buyers Deepening Commitment to Digital Formats

“E-book sales can be expected to continue growing as readers show increased loyalty to and satisfaction with the digital format, according to Book Industry Study Group’s (BISG) closely watched Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey. Results of the final installment in Volume Two of the survey show that nearly 50% of print book consumer who have also acquired an e-book in the past 18 months would wait up to three months for the e-version of a book from a favorite author, rather than immediately read it in print. A year ago, only 38% said they would wait this long.”

Online-Course Enrollments Grow, but at a Slower Pace. Is a Plateau Approaching?

Enrollment in online courses grew by more than 10 percent between fall 2009 and fall 2010, continuing a steady climb that dates back years, according to the Babson Survey Research Group’s annual survey of more than 2,500 higher-education institutions.

More than 6.1 million students took at least one online class during the fall 2010 semester, says the report, “Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States 2011,” formerly called the Sloan Survey of Online Learning. That’s an increase of 560,000 students over the previous year. An online course is now part of the college experience for 31 percent of all students.

American Society for Indexing establishes a Digital Trends Task Force

The American Society for Indexing has established the Digital Trends Task Force (DTTF). The purpose of this group is to:

  • Gather information about changes in digital publishing practices as they affect indexes
  • Interface with leading digital publishing companies, digital eReader hardware and software suppliers, and industry partners to find solutions to ensure inclusion of usable indexes in nonfiction digital book formats and eBooks
  • Inform ASI members regarding digital trends in timely manner so that indexers can prepare for and participate in technology-driven and process changes

A LinkedIn group consisting of the “DTTF and indexers from around the world are carrying on active discussions on digital trends in indexing, and particularly on eBooks, tablets, and eReaders in. The discussion group focuses on developing indexing standards, news about new tools, research on online indexes, and more. We welcome your input: please come and join the discussion! You must have a free LinkedIn account to become a member of the group.”


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