News & Announcements 10/11/11

Elsevier Introduces SciVerse Scopus Alerts Individual

“Elsevier… announced the availability of a new mobile application, SciVerse Scopus Alerts Individual, which provides non-institutional subscribers with immediate, on-the-go access to the latest Scopus content.  Users based in subscribing institutions can already benefit from a free mobile app.”  However, according to their press release “this is the first time Elsevier has offered any form of individual subscription to its flagship bibliographic database.”

Casalini Libri to Make Collections Available to the Ex Libris Primo Central Index

“Ex Libris Group … is pleased to announce that Casalini Libri has joined the rapidly expanding group of information providers whose scholarly content is searchable in the Primo Central Index. Casalini Libri will enable Primo Central to index, a full-text platform that contains Casalini Libri’s Italian full-text collection—Editoria Italiana Online (EIO)—and its collection of Spanish electronic monographs—Edición Española Online (EEO).”  These two online collections consist of “7,200 e-books and 400 journals” and according to Casalini “ remain the primary sources for scholarly electronic content from Italy and Spain.”

US Labor Department Launches Economic and Employment Statistics App

U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics and its Employment and Training Administration is offering a new app enabling users to view “real-time updates to the unemployment rate, Unemployment Insurance initial claims, the Consumer Price Index, payroll employment, average hourly earnings, the Producer Price Index, the Employment Cost Index, productivity, the U.S. Import Price Index and the U.S. Export Price Index as they are published each week, month or quarter.  News releases providing context for the data are also available through the app and can be viewed within a mobile browser or as PDF documents.”

Knight Center Digital Library releases Spanish language guides for online journalism and social media ethics

“The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas has released two digital books in Spanish, “Ethical Guidelines for Online Journalism,” originally published in English by the Poynter Institute, and “10 Best Practices for Social Media,” by James Hohmann and the American Society of News Editors. The Spanish versions were translated and introduced by Colombian journalist Guillermo Franco. Both e-books are available for free download as PDFs in the Knight Center Digital Library.”

 Scanner for Zotero Gets Metadata on Your Droid

Faculty students and librarians will be interested in this new app.   Scanner for Zotero is made for the Android Market  that “makes inputting physical book information much, much easier. After linking it to your Zotero account (via generating an API key – a largely painless, if slightly inelegant procedure), you just click “Scan New Item” and point the Barcode Reader at the barcode of the thing you wish to catalog. If all the corresponding metadata checks out, click “Upload” and you’ll find the entry waiting for you in Zotero proper.”

Errors in the 13th Edition of the Times Atlas of the World

Booklist’s Points of Reference blog reports on two recent New York Times articles regarding errors in the new edition of the atlas.  The errors caused an uproar  among climate scientists. “The first article was on September 25 entitled “Publisher of an Atlas Is Scrambling to Refreeze” Greenland” and then another from a Times blog, “The Difficulty of Drawing Lines Around Ice.” Previous to the publication of these articles, HarperCollins issued this statement admitting that they “are now urgently reviewing the depiction of ice in the Atlas against all the current research and data available, and will work with the scientific community to produce a map of Greenland which reflects all the latest data.”  One possible bright spot in all of this: it still matters to the academic community that print reference titles like the Times Atlas of the World contain correct information and that expectations for this type publication remain high.

Maney Editorial Board member wins Nobel Prize

Dr Jules A Hoffmann, Editorial Board member for the Maney journal Pathogens and Global Health, has jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2011.

Dr Hoffmann’s research with American scientist Bruce Beutler focuses on their discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity.  They were jointly awarded half of the prize, and the other half was awarded to Canadian Ralph Steinman, who sadly died days earlier of pancreatic cancer, for his discovery of the dendritic cell and its role in adaptive immunity.  For for more info visit:

Online Northwest – February 10, 2012

“Online Northwest is a conference focusing on the use of technology within libraries. It was created by the Oregon University System Library Council to help librarians around Oregon learn how to use early online searching tools. As information technology and librarians have increased in sophistication over the years, so has the conference.”

Rittenhouse Book Distributors Annouces New Doody’s Core Titles Update Service for Libraries

Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc. is pleased to announce a new service for library partners that combines acquisition history with the latest Doody’s Core Titles (DCT) data. Doody’s Core Titles Update is a sophisticated, web-based service that ensures libraries will have quick access to essential information as they manage their collections and make acquisition decisions. For more information, visit

 Digital Science announces investment in Labtiva; launch of Readcube

Digital Science, a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd., today announced an investment in Boston based start-up Labtiva. The company was founded by two Harvard alumni, Robert McGrath and Siniša Hrvatin, to help researchers manage their information collections more efficiently, starting with content.

Today also marks the public launch of Labtiva’s flagship product ‘ReadCube’ (, a free, cross-platform software application that enables researchers to create and manage their personal content library on their desktop, and intuitively discover new literature in their field through a recommendation system.

Copyright Clearance Center Launches New Services to Simplify Content Licensing Between Rightsholders

CCC Streamlines Acquisition and Licensing of Permissions for Today’s Digital Market . Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a not-for-profit organization and leading provider of licensing solutions, has launched a suite of new services to simplify the licensing of content between rightsholders and enable republication: the Permissions Acquisition Service and the Republication License. For more information, visit



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