"I Wonder" Wednesday: Should Students be Required to Use eTextbooks?

An earlier news announcement regarding “a game-changing e-textbook program at Indiana University” (Major Publishers Join Indiana U. Project That Requires Students to Buy E-Textbooks, by Jeffrey R. Young, Wired Campus) has us wondering:

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Why or why not? Tell us what you think.

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4 thoughts on “"I Wonder" Wednesday: Should Students be Required to Use eTextbooks?

  1. How are students going to access their e-books? If universities are requiring e-textbook purchase are these same universities also providing students with e-book readers?

  2. I would guess that most all students today have or have access to a computer. Ebooks are certainly more helpful to students if even just in searchability and portability.

  3. Required e textbook appear to be the Rick Perry of the E Party. Printed textbooks–you can rent them, sell them back, combat young adult obesity through their weight, and in substance feel the high cost and deep thinking of outstanding authors like the Krugman’s on microeconomics. Librarians awake–textbook publishers won’t let you play in their market. Even it is e it is not for thee.

  4. Leslie Farison October 7, 2011 at 1:56 pm -

    I think the students should have a choice. There should be an e textbook option. Some schools offer this:
    The eTextbook Option
    *Thousands of eTextbooks now available.
    * Save up to 50% of the new text price.
    * All eTextbooks are read using free e-Reader programs that are downloaded to either a PC or Mac.
    * These e-Readers provide great organizational tools to enhance the learning experience.