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ATG "I Wonder" Wednesday: Big Deal Cancellations?

by | Jul 20, 2011 | 3 comments

In light of yesterday’s Article of the Week (Libraries Abandon “Big Deal” Subscription Packages to Multiple Journals), today ATG is wondering:

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  1. Linda Wobbe

    Our consortial Big Deals continue to be popular and heavily used, and are no more expensive than subscriptions we used to carry with these publishers (with the exception of Taylor & Francis). I would be more likely to cancel the e-subscriptions to single titles (like Nature) that cost more than most of our Big Deals.

  2. Heather Miller

    Our biggest deal is a multiyear contract and will be reviewed when up for renewal. Its future is not certain.

  3. Beth Jacoby

    We aren’t planning cancellations this year, however, we already cancelled out of the Wiley-Blackwell and Emerald deals 2 years ago. We dropped out of Wiley-Blackwell when they refused to budge on the percent cancellation term and we couldn’t cancel the most expensive journal that was getting almost no use. We cancelled Emerald when they “discontinued” our package and wanted us to pay significantly more for less content. We got no complaints from faculty.


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