ATG Hot Topic of the Week: Hathi Trust Content discoverable in Summon

HathiTrust LogoMore hot news than hot topic—although could become a hot topic.

In order of caliente:

  • Muy Caliente: Hathi Trust parks the scanned content of member libraries. This includes, presumably, the Google Book Project booty. Membership is everything…
  • Picante: your scanned repository stuff—those preprints from your biologists, the Old Dutchman Mine photographs
  • Gringo (ketchup): those of us who were not part of the Google Book Project: You’re not member, you’re not a player.

Mind you, this is traction. Summon is leading discovery, Hathi Trust is the only game in town after the Google Book Bust. Question: how do we play this—can the rest of us become Google and scan our stuff, put in Hathi Trust? Also, is this a Summon exclusive—a gotchya for, say, Ebsco’s HBR?

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4 thoughts on “ATG Hot Topic of the Week: Hathi Trust Content discoverable in Summon

  1. Thanks for the focus–at HathiTrust, we aspire to Muy Caliente! Just a quick word from the HathiTrust executive director to say that libraries continue to come into the HathiTrust partners, many of them not Google digitization partners. Some of these libraries bring with them the fruits of local digitization efforts. Also that we don’t do “exclusive”: we’ve made samples of the indexed HathiTrust content available to other major discovery players in this space. Kudos to Summon for their imagination and vigorous pursuit of this strategy.

  2. Dennis Brunning April 5, 2011 at 1:39 pm -

    John thanks for dropping in. Hathi Trust is definitely Muy Caliente—just have to figure out where the rest of us fit in. Have you read the great press Siva Vaidhyanathan has given Hathi Trust in his book Googlization of Everything? Hathi Trust is the interface Google wishes it had for books…

    This is a great read for librarians—puts Google and the book project in perspective. Up until now Google has been praised and blamed mainly in black and white terms. GOE shapes a better understanding—at least for yours truly. If Siva can meet ATG’s deadline, we’ll have a question and answer in the April issue. It would be great to have you and Siva on a panel at the Charleston Conference. I would include the Black Keys but they are booked solid…

    Still want to interview you about pizza as well as digital preservation…


  3. We love a good concise description and we couldn’t have chosen more apt words than “Muy caliente!” Summon is all about continuous innovation and this collaboration with HathiTrust is as hot as it gets.

    From our vantage point, HathiTrust and Summon both offer a tremendous advantage for libraries in making their collections more accessible. Combining them puts the muy with caliente. For the first time much of a library’s printed works will be full-text searchable and discoverable from the library’s main search box. Researchers will get significantly more value from the current collection, and libraries that use Summon will have the opportunity to add millions of additional volumes (!)from HathiTrust to their library — all full-text searchable from the library’s digital front door.

    Serials Solutions is passionate about enabling libraries to be the best partners in research. Working with the talented folks at HathiTrust is helping us meet that mission in a new and very signficant way. John Wilkin defined it as “imaginative.” Indeed, this is the kind of collaboration that drives innovation forward and inspires us to “cook” together to uncover ever more creative opportunities.