ATG Book of the Week: The Atlas of New Librarianship

The ATG News Channel Book of the Week March 7, 2011

The Atlas of New Librarianship by R. David Lankes. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2011. Copublished with ACRL 408 pages. 78-0262015097

David Lankes keynoted the 2009 Charleston Conference and brought down the house. This Atlas is not so much a book as a call to action for all librarians to define their core principles convictions and to take charge of our own future. The book is due out May 31, 2011.

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3 thoughts on “ATG Book of the Week: The Atlas of New Librarianship

  1. ACRL is delighted to be co-publishing The Atlas of New Librarianship by David Lankes with MIT Press. We will be holding a book launch at our ACRL 2011 conference in Philadelphia. Anyone attending the conference is invited to join us at 2 p.m. in Convention Center Room 103 to celebrate this fabulous publication! David will be signing copies at that event as well as saying a few words about the book itself.
    The book can be pre-ordered now at the MIT Press site

    Thank you for noting this publication in Against-the-Grain

  2. Katina Strauch March 9, 2011 at 4:52 pm -

    Kathryn — Thanks for the news! What day is the launch? I hope to be there. Katina

  3. hehe, huge kettle of fish! I think that there is a mssviae, almost inert concept in the minds of many librarians and most of the public about what libraries are. I have seen some examples of a progressive view, but I’m not sure how much sway that view has in the big picture. However, I think that the ones who’d like it to evolve can create new phenomena in libraries that allow people to see the value of these new possibilities. I am working on a project where I visit classrooms virtually, through a chat server, and introduce e-resources that my library has to offer to children. This is a way of getting out into the community and changing some people’s perception of what a librarian is and does. I’m also offering for them to do a feedback/discussion session to talk about what they want from our library, again which changes people’s perceptions, and introduces the idea that they can have a say in what they want the library to be for them. Stuff that was talked about by David is so blue sky, miles off in the distance, so I think if we want new librarianship, it’s all about baby steps towards that idea, to discover what it actually looks like and get more people along for the journey.