New BASE version in BASE Lab

Posted to LibLicense on Feb. 14, 2011:

To keep in touch with the “dramatic growth of Open Access” we are happy to announce a new test version of the OAI-Search-Engine BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine, in our BASE Lab. The new version is developed on Lucene/Solr instead of FAST/Microsoft and has a VuFind-Search-Interface, which you can try here directly:

The FAST index was pushed to a limit last year, but because the harvesting of repositories continued, the test index in our BASE Lab contains about one million documents more. Some repositories are not included in BASE Lab for technical reasons.

New repositories will be included in the new system only, please understand that we need some time for that; index update happens not on a weekly basis yet. There is also new BASE-OAI-PMH blog for those, who want to participate from our experience in metadata harvesting:

Unsurprisingly the FAST software works a little different from Lucene/Solr. At this stage, there is no multilingual search (using Eurovoc Thesaurus) and no lemmatization for different languages in Lucene. We have included the Porter Stemmer, but if someone gives us the money for example the “Rosette Linguistics Platform”, we would be much happier ;-)). Of course there are some new features, like sending results to an email-address or RSS-Feeds.

In the next few months we want to finish the migration but for now we are looking forward for some feedback.

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