"I Wonder…" Wednesday: Do You Own an Ebook Reader?

Happy Wednesday, readers!  ATG wants to know – do you own an ebook reader?  If so, which one do you have?  Likes or dislikes?  How often do you use it?  More for personal use or for work?

Amazon Kindle eBook Readerphoto © 2009 goXunuReviews | more info (via: Wylio)

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4 thoughts on “"I Wonder…" Wednesday: Do You Own an Ebook Reader?

  1. I have a Kindle that I use almost daily for personal reading. I have to say I like the Kindle app on my iPhone better than the Kindle itself! Easier to navigate with the touch screen. I wish I had an iPad though, for the larger screen…

  2. I have an iphone. I do not have a Kindle. I prefer the iphone to the Kindle for reading but I have not read a book on the iphone. I do read a lot of articles from newspapers on my iphone.

    I gave my husband a Nook for Christmas and he loves it but he has not read a book on it, just news on the internet. The Nook color is very nice but does not yet have G3 or 4 capability so can be problematic for WiFi depending on where you are located.

    I have been surprised that I actually read more with my ereaders than I did before. Now I can have a print book and the ereader and consult each of them concurrently depending on what I am doing or looking for.

  3. I recently got a Kindle. I agree that the availability of apps for different devices is a big plus. Of course, purchasing has been restricted via those apps from some devices. I have been surprised how seamless and easy the reading experience is, especially with a larger font. I like having ability to insert notes and highlights and to clip content though I have not used it much. Biggest surprise for me has been how much I have used the Kindle to manage my personal periodical subscriptions. It is great to have all of my routine reading in one place and currrent, especially when I am travelling!

  4. I love my Kindle. It’s great for traveling, and lots of classics are free or very cheap. Taking the entire Western canon on the plane!