HARRASSOWI​TZ Releases OttoEditio​ns 2.0

From Harrassowitx, Feb. 25, 2011:

HARRASSOWITZ, the leading supplier of scholarly books published in Europe, is pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of OttoEditions, HARRASSOWITZ’s online management system for monographs and music scores.

OttoEditions 2.0 features a labeled display of search results, with each data element clearly identified. Search results are now grouped so that related titles appear together. Whenever a set or a volume in a set is retrieved, all the volumes are grouped under the set record. Variations in format or binding, language, edition and source are also grouped together, making it easy to identify what versions of a book exist and to decide which version to order.

E-books published worldwide are easily recognized by an e-book icon. If multiple platforms are listed, customers will be able to choose which provider to use.

The enhanced functionality and completely redesigned displays will improve efficiency in locating and ordering materials from HARRASSOWITZ.

OttoEditions 2.0 is scheduled to launch during the first week of March. For more details on the functionality, please refer to the OttoEditions User Guide under “Search Results”. To send feedback or suggestions to HARRASSOWITZ, please contact service@harrassowitz.de or use the OttoEditions “feedback” feature.

OttoEditions is password-protected and is available to all registered HARRASSOWITZ customers. To apply for an OttoEditions account, please complete the registration form or contact your regional sales manager or service@harrassowitz.de.

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