Gale Enhances GREENR Content Through Partnershi​p with Economics for Equity and Environmen​t

From Gale, February 22, 2011:

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, today announced a unique partnership with the Economics for Equity and Environment (E3 Network), a national network of more than 200 economists whose applied research supports active environmental protection. To help enhance Gale’s GREENR resource, prominent E3 Network scholars and economists will be contributing essays on aspects of the environment from an economics and policy perspective. The essays will be added to GREENR over the course of 2011. 

“Gale’s collaboration with the E3 Network demonstrates our shared strategy to focus on environmental debates from a policy and economics standpoint to provide unparalleled value for scholars and students in the environmental and social sciences,” said Jim Draper, vice president and publisher, Gale.
“Providing a clear understanding of the economics of environmental issues is the goal of E3 Network economists,” said Kristen Sheeran, executive director, E3 Network. “This partnership brings that expertise and commitment to the next generation of social science and environmental studies researchers.”
E3 Network scholars will contribute 10 essays targeted to college-level researchers over the course of the year. Additionally, E3 Network scholars will be writing valuable annotated bibliographies on environmental topics that will help guide students of sustainability, economics or public policy to the foundational literature and leading scholarship in their field.
The essays and annotated bibliographies focus on student and teacher needs in the classroom, and will help students understand the complex scholarly debates in which they are just beginning to take part.
The first three essays in the series are currently available to GREENR customers, including:

  • “Green Jobs”, authored by Eban Goodstein, PhD, Director of Bard Center of Environmental Policy at Bard College,
  • “Natural Capital,” co-authored by Astrid Scholz, Vice President Knowledge Systems at Ecotrust, and Sarah Kruse, Staff Economist with Ecotrust, and
  • “Carbon Markets,” co-authored by Sheeran and Graciela Chichilnisky, Professor of Economics and Mathematical Statistics at Columbia University and Director of Columbia Consortium for Risk Management (CCRM)

Future essays will cover the topics of forest carbon and ecosystem services, among others.
In addition, later this month Gale will provide complimentary access via the GREENR website ( to an annotated bibliography on green jobs created by the E3 Network. The annotated bibliography includes a list of influential publications reflecting the evolution of the relationship between green jobs and the environment, culminating in the most recent reports and analyses of green careers.
For more information or to set up a trial of GREENR, please contact Kristina Massari at

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