A Note from Bob Tapella

After eight years at the United States Government Printing Office, the final three as Public Printer of the United States and Chief Executive Officer, I resigned my commission at the request of the White House last Tuesday to allow the President to make a recess appointment.


Anyone in the printing and communication business knows the past decade has been tumultuous. Thousands of printing businesses failed or suffered contraction across America, and at the beginning of the decade, GPO faced a similar future. I’m pleased to say that instead of conceding to decline, the talented and dedicated employees GPO reversed years of shrinkage and financial losses to become a premiere manufacturing organization, receiving ISO 9001 certification for our factories in Stennis, MS and Washington, DC, and demonstrating real innovation for our industry.

We created new markets to expand our 2002 business revenues from $675 million (with a $24 million net operating loss) to revenues of over $1 billion and over $90 million in retained earnings – delivering seven consecutive years of positive results. We funded environmental sustainability programs, we invested in a new plant and new equipment, and most importantly, we invested in training and re-training GPO employees to embrace the technological opportunities of the 21st century. These investments, particularly our investment in human capital, restored GPO to its role of innovator in American printing and publishing.
We developed the joint venture GPOExpressSM with FedEx OfficeSM for digital printing services at 1,800 nationwide locations and reduced prices to customers by up to 80% over retail rates.

In partnership with the Department of State, we designed, developed and produced an electronic passport to ensure interoperability between visa waiver nations. We then leveraged existing technology and capabilities to create secure Federal credentials in our Trusted Traveler program – to expedite travel processing at our borders, without sacrificing security.
We entered a partnership with Google to offer the public, for the first time, Federal government titles in an e-book format. And in collaboration with libraries across America, we developed and launched GPO’s Federal Digital System to allow enhanced searchable digital access and authentication of Federal publications.

To the dedicated and talented employees of GPO, who made all this happen, I want to thank you for eight incredible years. You are the heart and soul of the GPO and the reason for all these great accomplishments. To our partners and customers, thank you for working with us to help transform printing and publishing at all levels of the Federal government. And to my successor, Bill Boarman, I wish you and your team every success.
All the best,

Bob Tapella
25th Public Printer of the United States

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