2nd eBook Publisher Survey – Results

With eBook sales skyrocketing, why aren’t more publishers profiting from them?  To find out, Aptara surveyed more than 600 Trade, Professional and Educational publishers this summer.  It was the second in a series of surveys designed to document the evolving impact of eBooks on the publishing industry − eBooks, A Second Look.So what changed since our first survey?

 THEN: The two major issues uncovered in the first survey have abated nine months later, thanks in part to the sweeping success of the iPad and Kindle.  The majority of publishers were:
·        Concentrating on their own eCommerce sites rather than leveraging the vast audiences provided by major distribution channels.
·        Producing eBooks that could not be read on most mobile devices.
NOW: Key findings from our most recent survey of book publishers include:
·        The greatest eBook production challenge is still eReader/content compatibility issues. Even with the near universal EPUB format standard, today’s fragmented eReader market makes quality eBook production a moving target, requiring manual manipulation to retain consistent formatting across device-types.
·        Publishers are struggling to maximize profits from this fast-growing digital sector. Inefficient print production processes are hampering scalable, affordable digital output.
·        Only 7% of publishers are implementing enhancements to their eBooks. Suggesting that most publishers are not aware of the EPUB standard’s inherent support for content enhancement, including audio and video.
·        61% of Trade/Consumer publishers support the EPUB standard. 18% more than any other publisher type.
·        64% of all publishers are offering titles in eBook format. Up 11% from the first survey.

To find out full results of survey: http://www.aptaracorp.com/ebook-survey2/?elq=b7dca85d436544b8a1ed469c3c163609

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