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NEJM Launches the NEJM Archive

by | Aug 6, 2010 | 0 comments

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has launched its new website NEJM.org and the NEJM Archive, which features every article published since 1812 in a searchable, digital format.

The new website offers users a deeper, broader, and more interactive experience through enhanced search and navigation, specialty pages, interactive elements, and a number of integrated multimedia features. The new site makes it easier to find relevant material and provides faster, more efficient access to original research, clinical practice articles, analysis, and opinion pieces. NEJM.org also allows users to personalize their research and learning experience, to focus on the articles that are most important to them.

With NEJM.org, physicians are able to stay current with the latest, most important medical research, and to share the knowledge with their community, ultimately improving patient care and the practice of medicine.

Features of NEJM.org include:

  • New page design and article format – Enables users to scan pages more efficiently, and find what they want in less time
  • Enhanced navigation – Helps users locate content and services from any page
  • Multimedia Index Page – Find, search, and browse audio, video, and images from one central location
  • Filtering and sorting options – Faster, more targeted access to search results
  • Personalization tools – Through “My NEJM,” manage personal profiles and preferences, access CME accounts, save articles and searches, receive new article alerts, and specialty updates
  • Specialty and Topic pages – Users focus on the content they want most, including clinical specialty, public health issues, and health care reform.

NEJM is the single most authoritative publication for physicians and physicians-in-training. By making its content more accessible, both through interactive forums on NEJM.org and external social media tools, NEJM.org is actively engaging the next generation of physicians who prefer to be connected, share information, and communicate virtually.

The NEJM Archive now puts the entire collection of published articles — nearly two centuries of seminal medical research and expert review — at the fingertips of librarians, professors, students, and physicians in a high-quality digital, searchable format. Fully integrated with NEJM.org, it is an invaluable teaching and research tool, including some of the most noteworthy and influential research ever published.

For libraries the NEJM Archive expands the use of an online resource and frees up valuable space on shelves. Users can search the Archive by issue table of contents, topic, article type, and, date range, improving the results of their research.

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM.org) is the world’s leading medical journal and website. Founded in 1812, and owned by the Massachusetts Medical Society, NEJM publishes peer-reviewed research and interactive clinical content for physicians, educators and the global medical community. For more information, please visit www.nejm.org.

Tour the new site at www.nejm.org/page/experience-the-new-nejm.org


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