ebrary Announces DASH! (Data sharing fast)

ebrary has just announced its new technology DASH! (Data Sharing Fast)

DASH! is the first-of-its-kind technology, which lets Academic Complete customers upload and share their own PDF documents at no cost, without limitations.

It turns PDF files into searchable, highly interactive databases. Currently in beta, DASH! enables authorized librarians to easily upload individual PDF files or batches of documents along with corresponding metadata from the convenience of their own computers. Documents are almost instantaneously added to a new collection that seamlessly integrates with Academic Complete as well as other ebrary products and services. Collections created with DASH! include all of ebrary’s rich functionality for quickly and easily discovering and managing information online such as InfoTools, which turns every word into a portal to other online resources of the library’s choice; highlighting and annotating; multiple search options; and personal bookshelves.

For more information please visit: http://www.ebrary.com/corp/newspdf/ebrary_DASH.pdf  

Tish Wagner

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