Think Positive!

All the news is so negative these days! I guess it sells newspapers and keeps people reading online. So — I was happy this morning when I picked up the newspaper. It was cold but the sun was shining and there was a positive article on the front page of the local “family life” section about libraries. “Readers roar for increases in library funding,” by Jennifer Berry Hawes. Jennifer says that she got a slew of responses to an earlier column she wrote about libraries and how people need and are using the library more and more these days (22% more people applied for library cards and circulation has risen 12% at the local Charleston County Library). There is even a move to launch a “Save the Libraries” bumper sticker. Jennifer (and all of us) hope that the state legislators notice this and don’t slash budgets even more. Let’s think positive! It can’t hurt.

Speaking of positive news! Have y’all noticed that the Citadel has a good basketball team this year? Like wow! They just posted their 20th win and clinched a bye in the Southern Conference tournament coming up. Here’s hoping they make it to the NCAA. Gosh! And just in case you missed it, there is a “book” connection! The Citadel basketball coach is Ed Conroy, cousin of the best-selling author, Pat Conroy.

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